In addition to badges and awards earned through Girl Scouts, girls are often eligible for college scholarships due to their accomplishments in our program. Girls and families may try searching Girl Scouts USA’s scholarship listings or reaching out to specific colleges and universities to learn about their scholarships.






Northborough Gold Award Scholarship

This scholarship is intended to recognize the achievement of Northborough Gold Award recipients by supporting their future goals and endeavors.


Award: $200


  1. Applicant must earn the Girl Scout Gold Award.

  2. Applicant must be a registered Northborough Girl Scout for the previous 3 or more years, while completing the Gold Award and when applying for the scholarship.

  3. Applications are due between January 1st of junior year and September 30th after senior year in high school. To receive the award in a given year's Annual Bridging and Awards Ceremony, it must be submitted by May 1st of that year. Later applications will be presented the following year.